Keeping a Pi-hole Docker container up to date

I previously shared my experience of setting up Pi-hole within a Docker container running on a Raspberry Pi. One thing I didn’t think about was managing updates to the container image.

In the two months that I’ve had Pi-hole up and running, the Docker image has been updated twice. I put together the following script that automates the process of deleting the container and image, and then rebuilding using the latest available image, which I run every time a new image is released 🤖.

Configuration and logs are saved as Pi-hole stores these on the host system rather than directly within the container itself, therefore no need to worry about losing these between updates.

Just make sure you have secondary DNS setup within your network otherwise when the Pi-hole container is stopped DNS resolution may fail.

docker container stop pihole
docker container rm pihole
docker rmi pihole/pihole
docker-compose up -d

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