Why is my Python code so slow?!?

I begrudgingly started using Python when I got my first Raspberry Pi (as PowerShell wasn’t available for the Pi at that point). As a non-developer my development experience was limited to writing PowerShell, with a sprinkling of C#.

The learning curve wasn’t too bad, I found Automate the Boring Stuff with Python an invaluable resource, along with the associated course on Udemy. I have grown to love Python over the last few years, it’s so flexible and there are a ton of resources out there to help when you get stuck (as I invariably do!) 😕.

The one thing I love about working in tech is the constant learning – every day is a school day! I learnt last week how to profile code in Python using a simple one-line command courtesy of @Lee_Holmes:

python -m cProfile -s cumtime 'C:\Profiling.py'

This command inspects a script (in the example above Profiling.py) and outputs details of the cumulative execution time of each function within the script. This is super-useful when trying to pinpoint why a script is running so slowly 🐌.

I wrote the script below (Profiling.py) which contains three functions which are each called once, each of these functions includes a sleep to simulate their execution time – with function 1 being the quickest and function 3 the slowest. I then ran the profiler on this to see what it reported 🔍.

You can see in the output below that the profiler reports the cumulative execution time of each function – the script only calls each function once, so this time matches the sleep I included within the function. In the real-world where each function is likely to get called multiple times, you’d have a better view of where time is being spent in execution and identify opportunities to tweak specific functions to reduce the overall execution time.

I’m sure I’ll be putting this newfound knowledge to good use! 😀.

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