Inspecting Azure Function logs from the command line πŸ”Ž

I’ve been playing around with Azure Functions recently. One thing I like about them is how you can code, test and view the logs real-time from within the Azure Portal – below you can see me testing my Burger Tax function!

One thing I was interested in doing is getting access to the logs remotely (directly from my machine rather than going through the Azure Portal). It turns out that you can do this using the Azure Functions Core Tools.

I installed the Core Tools (the Azure CLI is a pre-requisite) and after logging into Azure using az login. I could connect to the logs using this command:

func azure functionapp logstream <FunctionAppName>

In the example below, I connected to an Azure Function App named burgertax26343 (A very catchy name I know!). To over-complicate things I ran this within Ubuntu running on WSL on my Windows 11 device – you can of course run this natively on Windows, macOS and Linux.

I then fired up PowerShell to send a test request to the Azure Function App using Invoke-RestMethod (this example is a Starling Bank webhook, read more about how I’m using this here).

After running this, I flipped back to the other terminal window, where I could see the output – in this case it used Write-Host to confirm that the function had triggered and outputs the name of the merchant (Next in this case).

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