Creating an Alexa skill to read my bank balance

I recently posted about my experiences with the Starling Bank developer API’s and shared some Python that I’d written to retrieve my bank balance and most recent transaction.

I’ve played around with creating Alexa skills before……my most useful was a skill that told me when my rubbish (garbage) 🗑️ was next going to be collected and which colour bin I needed to put out, a real lifesaver!

I decided to have a go at creating an Alexa skill that leveraged the code I’d written to check my bank balance and retrieve my most recent transaction. It was a success and here it is in action!

Rather than write a step-by-step blog post that describes how to do it, I thought I’d put together a walkthrough video, here it is in all its glory.

The AWS Lambda function used by the Alexa Skill (that I demo’d in the video) can be found on GitHub.

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